Checking the leakage of hot glass

Cooled camera vision modules with additional viewing for difficult and specific conditions around the glass bath.

They are used to monitor the bottom of the heated glass bath at a temperature of 1500 °C. The cameras are connected to advanced SW, which alerts you if the glass leaks through. The system allows substantial extension the lifespan of the glass bath, reduces the cost of insurance and increases operation safety.

The number of cameras is configurable according to customer needs from 1 to 10 cameras (more cameras on demand). All data is brought to the control room where the operator has an overview of the current status. Camera images are recorded and archived in case of retrospective analysis.

If leakage occurs, the system will automatically trigger the light and acoustic alarm. This ensures that the operator always learns about the accident and does not need to monitor the outputs of the cameras.

Three types of cameras are available to reduce costs:

  • without cooling
  • with cooling
  • with cooling and a viewfinder

Individual types of covers can be combined to create the optimal configuration for particular application.

The delivery also includes analysis of the particular issue on the customer’s side, design of the deployment of cameras and complete installation in operation.

Parameter Value Unit
Scanning velocity <1 s
Scanned area dimensions (w×l×h) 4000×3000 mm
The smallest recognizable defect 10×10 mm
Ambient temperature 0 – 80 °C
Degree of IP protection 67
Communication interface Ethernet
Power supply method Trough Ethernet

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