Cylinder measurement and control

Measuring stations used for contactless 3D measurement of cylindrical parts.

The system can be used in any production or printing workshop or industrial production where the correct dimension of the product in the form of a cylinder has to be checked.

The system is based on profile measurement method in backlight illumination and allows you to quickly and efficiently evaluate the 3D parameters measured to ensure the quality of the production process.

The control device can be tailored to specific customer requirements, including system extensions that look for surface defects. It offers the possibility of evaluating and displaying deviations from the ideal shape in a drawing in CAD format.

The solution also includes SW equipment and a calibration product. Thanks to the unique measurement and calibration method, measuring accuracy can be up to ± 0.02mm. The device is designed to be placed in a clean workshop or in a manufacturing facility.

Parameter Value Unit
Minimum cylinder diameter 2 mm
Maximum cylinder diameter 500 mm
Maximum cylinder length 1500 mm
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C
Measurement accuracy from ± 0,03 mm
Measurement time < 60 s
Power supply 230 V
Communication interface Ethernet
Data archiving Yes
Connection with the superior system of the production line possible Yes
Comparison with CAD drawing Yes

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