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Vision systems

Our 2D and 3D machine vision systems intelligently control product quality. Thay can manage demanding tasks and conditions. We can set them perfectly for different industries.

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The future of production is in robotization and automation. We supply industrial and service robots and, thanks to cooperation with experts from technical universities, we can adapt them to your needs.

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We will analyze your needs, prepare a proof of concept and calculate the return of investment. Thanks to our consultations, you will have the documentation for a good decision.

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Not sure which direction
is correct for your company
and what to choose from solutions?

Not sure which direction is correct for your company and what to choose from solutions?

Does not matter. Get in touch with us
and together we will discuss opportunities
for innovation right in your company.

Does not matter. Get in touch with us and together we will discuss opportunities for innovation right in your company.

Arrange a non-binding consultation
Arrange a non-binding consultation

Why innovate production with us?

We will supply you with a unique tailor-made solution

We deliver a functional solution just for you, not a one-size-fits-all product.

We play fair

If we find out that our technologies are not suitable or beneficial for your company, we will tell you straight up.

We will help you to be a leader of your market segment

Our technology delivers competitive advantages and saves money.

We are both analysts and suppliers

We understand the field, we are dedicated to research and development and we will give you good advice.

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References of some of our clients:

„The production of our products is different from the usual engineering production, the broad context of production must be taken into account. We have come to an understanding with the experts from JettyVision and have been working together for 20 years. Thus we have at our disposal a number of unique solutions that help us technologically improve processes and sort products. We also appreciate the sophisticated system of calibration and verification. In this way, we can offer customers high quality and have a obvious competitive advantage.“

Ing. Vojtěch Peterka, Head of the control systems department, PRECIOSA Crystal Components

„In our industry, the reliability of production and control devices is important, but also their adaptation for different types and shapes of products. The JettyVision solution can do it all. We gradually integrated more than 20 camera system stations into our production lines. When we stop producing a product, adaptation of the system takes place for the new type of production and we can continue to use the system. Today, we cannot imagine production without these devices. Thanks to them, we are able to guarantee our customers high product quality and thus build our position as a market leader.“

Ing. Roman Fiala, Process Engineer, Vitesco Technologies Czech Republic s.r.o.

„In the year 2001, we started solving how to measure the dimensions of hot rolled products. We had high demands given the demandingness of our production conditions. The equipment that was then delivered to us in 2003 met all the requirements. Latter additionally we ordered other camera systems, e.g. for measuring the length of the roll for splitting on saws. The benefit of the device is clear – significant financial savings due to more efficient use of the volume of material. Savings values already vary in multiples of the invested amount. And most importantly – the device has been working reliably for many years.“

Michal Divoký, Director of maintenance, Třinecké železárny – SCHV Kladno