Do you need to check the quality of surfaces, colour printing and defects in food packaging
on the conveyor?

We emphasize an advanced image processing method that ensures the detection of even the smallest defects from 0.06 mm. The camera system is designed to evaluate incorrect colors, printing defects and press on the packaging of various products.

The system can process products of different dimensions and learn new motives. You can be sure that our systems learn and grow with you. No future change in the product range is an obstacle for us.

Why choose our solution?

By integrating into production lines, you ensure high production quality. No defective product comes out of the factory.

By installing camera systems, you speed up your production.

The devices are easy to maintain and calibrate, reducing production costs.

We are here for smaller manufacturing companies as well as large international companies.

Selected solutions for this industry:

Sealant application control system

Tube printing control system

Tube body defects control system

Tube membrane control system

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