Sealant application control system

The device is primarily used to control the application of sealing material inside aluminum tubes.

In addition to the actual presence of the sealant, its size and correct position can also be checked. By adding another sensor, it is possible to check the applied layer (thickness) of the sealing material.

The advantages of the system include simple operation, a clear control SW and a blowout system. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to handle.


  • Tailor-made camera system to meet the parameters of your lines.
  • You will suppress complaints from your customers.
  • Your productivity will increase, saving your money.
Parameter Value Unit
Minimum product diameter / parameters 5 mm
Maximum product diameter / parameters 100 mm
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C
Minimum sealant size 0,5 µm
Standard scanning speed 30 fps
Power supply 24/230 V
Communication interface Ethernet
Data archiving Yes
Connection with the superior system of the production line possible Yes

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