Do you need to inspect components and ready-made medical devices? Do you deal with production quality requirements resulting from good manufacturing practice?

The pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of medical devices are subject to a high level of quality assurance in the production and control of medicinal products and medical devices.

Our turnkey camera systems for medical device inspection cover a wide range of products and manufacturing processes. We place emphasis on exceptional reliability, safe operation, high speed and accuracy. The supplied devices are focused primarily on measuring dimensions, shapes, surface defects, printing, etc.

Why choose our solution?

By integrating into production lines, you ensure high production quality. No defective product comes out of the factory.

By installing camera systems, you speed up your production.

The devices are easy to maintain and calibrate, reducing production costs.

We are here for smaller manufacturing companies as well as large international companies.

Selected solutions for this industry:

Quality Inspection of Braille Printing on Pharmaceutical Packaging

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