Are you looking for a way to ensure excellent initial analysis of the problem and subsequent algorithms? Do you often solve problems when you need to guarantee a high-speed scan of the product with the need to decide within 0.1s whether the product is identical or inconsistent? Do you need speed control and machine resistance to ensure reliability under all circumstances?

We have solutions for you that we design and deliver with regard to the specific requirements and specific products of your glass industry. Our equipment is resistant to the environment of glass operations and is equipped with protection against the thermal effects of glass operation, ready for scanning speed and evaluation from 0.1 s / pc.

Why choose our solution?

You can integrate them into your production lines with the option of a turnkey delivery.

They are easy to maintain and calibrate.

You get a comparison with the ideal shape on the drawing, including highlighting deviations.

Durable and affordable equipment will increase and simplify your production.

We are here for smaller manufacturing companies as well as large international companies.

Selected solutions for this industry:

Inspection of extremely hot products

Quality automatic control of small transparent products

Inspection of glass product dimensions

Are you interested in our solutions or got a challenge for us? Let us know and let´s work together!

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