Tube membrane control system

This type of equipment is primarily used to check cracks and holes in the membrane.

The principle can be adapted to different tasks of a similar character, where the integrity of material is important. The function of the vision inspection system is based on light transmission and subsequent processing of the resulting image. An advanced image processing method allows you to find cracks or missing material from a size of 0.5 μm!

The device requires minimal maintenance and is easy to handle. Evaluation software is also part of the solution, which allows visualization of the defects found and archiving of the acquired data for further processing.


  • Tailor-made camera system to meet the parameters of your lines.
  • No leakage from the tube membrane, no defective products.
  • Consistent accuracy at high speeds, 24/7 operation.
Parameter Value Unit
Minimum product diameter 5 mm
Maximum product diameter 100 mm
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C
Minimum defect size 0,5 µm
Scanning speed 30 fps
Power supply 24/230 V
Communication interface Ethernet
Data archiving Yes
Connection with the superior system of the production line possible Yes

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