In-line Measurement of Threaded and Reinforcing Bars

The solution we offer is a device for non-contact dimensional measurement that combines several optical principles to control the exact dimensions/parameters of hot-rolled threaded and reinforcing bars.

The device is specially designed so it can be integrated directly into the rolling mill with the option of scanning during the rolling process and continuously displaying the results to the operator.

The design enables the measurement of rolled metal with temperatures of up to 1200°C.

The system works on the principle of combination of several types of machine vision techniques.

The individual sections are scanned as they pass through the measuring system. Once each rolled steel product is measured, the system displays its measured profile and other data.

Appropriate layout enables 3D evaluation of the data scanned and display of all parameters measured, as needed by the operator for efficient production control.

The device will measure and display dimensions of the product at its current temperature. With a known coefficient ß, the recalculated cold dimensions can also be displayed to the operator.

Given that the rolled product range at a plant offers a greater number of profiles, the device is able to measure rebars as well all basic shapes of steel bars. The measuring device can also be modified to meet the requirements of your production.

Parameters that can be measured on round wire rods:

  • diameter
  • diameter tolerance
  • ovality

Parameters that can be measured on rebars:

  • dimension over longitudinal ribs (dimension over water). – d2
  • outer diameter over ribs – d1
  • core diameter – d
  • relative distance/position of the ribs – ∆c
  • ribs height – h1, h2
Parameter Value Units
Measurement accuracy from ± 0,03 mm
Standard scanning speed up to 200 cuts/s
Required accuracy of angular guidance of rolled product ± 2 °
Required accuracy of rolled product radial guidance ± 20 mm
Equipment dimensions w × h × d 1200×1200×800 mm
Weight of the device 540 kg
Temperature range of measured rolled metal 0 – 1200 °C
Power supply 24/230/400 V
Degree of protection of the measuring equipment IP65
Data connection (metallic/optics) Ethernet
Possibility of communication with a superior system Yes
Possibility of automatic verification Yes
System output Text and graphical

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