Measurement of railway wheels and similar products

The device is designed for contactless 3D measurement and control of the shape of railway wheels.

Both finished and forged semi-finished machined products can be measured on the production line. The measuring system is integrated into a control station that automatically manages the wheels and evaluates the measured parameters. It can be used to measure hot and cold products.

The system works on the principle of laser triangulation. During the continuous rotational movement of the railway wheel, the prescribed number of profiles is scanned. From the data obtained, a 3D reconstruction of the whole wheel is created and the prescribed dimensions are evaluated. Typically, up to 30 parameters are checked on in one product.

An integral part of the system is advanced 3D calibration, which allows the meter to be put into operation in a short amount of time. Archiving the measured data for further processing and sending it to the parent database is, of course, one of the features. Upon request, statistical data processing, its above standard visualization or other adjustments can be provided.

Parameter Value Unit
Measuremet accuracy ± 0,05 mm
Scanning velocity 2 profiles per second
Display results <5 s
Minimum diameter of the wheel 300 mm
Maximum diameter of the wheel 1600 mm
Temperature range of the measured products 0 – 1100  °C
Measurement method laser triangulation
Data evaluation 3D reconstruction
System output text and graphic
Data send to the superior system Yes

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