Profex In-Line – laser measurement of rolled product profiles

The measurement of profiles of rolled products online is a contactless device that allows laser measurement of profiles of rolled cold and hot products directly in operation.

Effective protection with heat shields, air conditioning, and deflectors of widescreen sensor sights allows the device to be placed in the immediate vicinity of the rolling mill. Unique design in the shape of a “C” allows the device to leave and get to a safe place in case the rolled product gets jammed on the line. In the event of an emergency, it is designed to withstand radiant heat and the sensors are not damaged.

The system is based on the laser triangulation method and is capable of capturing the entire perimeter (cut) of the product at one point. Appropriate layout enables 3D evaluation of scanned data and display of all measured parameters that the operator needs for efficient production control.

Of course, it also includes the feature of archiving all the measured data for later evaluation and processing. Fiber optic and Ethernet interfaces ensure reliable data transfer with the superior system even over long distances without interference with the surrounding technology.

Parameter Value Unit
Measurement accuracy ± 0,035 mm
Scanning velocity 50 profiles per seconds
Minimal diameter (of the rolled product) 5 mm
Maximal diameter (of the rolled product) 500 mm
Temperature range (of the rolled product) 0 – 1200 °C
Velocity (of the rolled product) až 20 m/s
Desired accuracy (of the rolled product guiding) Measurement is not dependent on the displacement of the rolled product towards the scanning system
Accuracy of angular guidance of the product ± 5 °
Measuring method Laser triangulation
Scanning procedure The whole circumference of the rolled product at once
Data evaluation 3D reconstruction
System output Text and graphical
Data sent to the next level system Yes
Degree of protection IP65

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