Quality control of mineral wool production

High-performance chillers with thermal machine vision cameras and special blowout system for optics protection.

The front part of the optics requires maximum cleanliness to minimize maintenance, in order to avoid scratching. The blowout system is designed specifically for applications in dusty environments. In practice, this unique vision protection solution reaches up to several months without the need for major maintenance and cleaning the viewfinder!

Connecting to a superior system or PC is possible for distances of up to 100m over Ethernet, optical transmission is used for distances over 100m.

Part of the solution is SW that continuously monitors the product on the conveyor and, if a defect is found, a visual or acoustic alarm is set off. SW can be customized for a particular application so that the solution meets the conditions and typical processes.

Parameter Value Unit
Scanning velocity 30 fps
Scanned area dimensions (w×l) 2000×1500 mm
The smallest recognizable defect 20×20 mm
Ambient temperature 0 – 50 °C
Degree of IP protection 65
Communication interface Ethernet
Power supply method trough Ethernet

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