Rolled length measurement online

A unique measuring device that is in a safe distance from the hazardous parts of operation.

Our solution is a device for the measurement of the length of a rolled product on production lines of metallurgical operations. It is based on the principle of capturing the product by camera system. From the scanned images, the shape of the product is reconstructed and the length is then measured.

This ensures high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.

After the product has passed through the measuring device, the measurement result is known within 3 seconds and is immediately passed on for further processing in downstream technology. The result is also displayed to the operator in order to make any possible interventions in the production.

The measured data is archived for further processing or can be sent to the parent database. On request, statistical data processing, its above standard visualization or other adjustments for further processing can be provided.

Parameter Value Unit
Minimum product diameter 40 mm
Maximum product diameter 800 mm
Maximum product lenght 200 m
Temperature range of the measured products 500 až 1400 °C
Accuracy of length measurement ± 0,08 m
Velocity of the product < 10 m/s
Data send to the superior system ano
Degree of IP protection 65

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