Dome control station for quality check of small products on the line

This universal control station is designed to be built into lines and control stations where a high production cycle and stability of output quality are required.

The basis of the station is soft, Dome type, diffused lighting, which can optionally be supplemented by additional top and side lighting. This multiplies the number of tasks for which the station is designed and the system can be set up for multiple product types at the same time.

On request, the control station can be configured for specific production purposes and integration into existing lines ensured.

A feature of the solution is advanced evaluation software that is tailor-made to a particular customer to minimize the demands for integration into existing production and superior systems. For easier handling of the device by end users, the station is controlled by a PC running on Windows. Work in this environment is intuitive and minimizes the need for knowledge of operation and maintenance.

Typical tasks of the universal control station for product quality check include, for example, completeness checking, shape control, inspection of mounting adhesives and pastes, checking the presence of labels, reading labels, checking production stability, etc.

Parameter Value Unit
Size of the field of view up to 300×300 mm
Camera resolution 1600×1200 px
Maximum product size up to 250×250 mm
Scanning speed < 1 s
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C
Voltage 24 V
Station dimensions (W × L × H) 400×400×850 mm

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