Inspection of outer and inner surfaces of products

Precise product surface inspection, including cavity control in products, using a borescope method.

The device is designed to be built into lines, but also as a stand-alone checkpoint for random quality control.

The optimum camera and lighting position for a particular product ensures maximum amount of information gained from the scanned images. After the scanned data has been processed, the operator or control system has timely information on which product is defective and where exactly it is.

A feature of the solution is advanced evaluation software that is customized to a particular customer to minimize integration demands into existing production and control systems. For easier handling of the device by end users, the station is controlled by a PC running on Windows. Work in this environment is intuitive and minimizes the need for knowledge necessary for operation and maintenance.

The device is primarily designed to look for surface defects (missing or overwhelming material, colour maps, unwanted effects of machining, burrs and stuck chips).

Parameter Value Unit
The smallest size of the monitored area 8×8 mm
The largest size of the monitored area 100×100 mm
Camera resolution 1600×1200 px
The smallest detected defect 0,25×0,25 mm
Scanning speed < 10 s
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C
Voltage 24 V

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