Profex Off-Line – measurement of rolling profile

Laboratory equipment

This is a tabletop 3D product measurement device, based on the principle of laser triangulation. It is designed for precise measurement of dimensions and shapes in control laboratories and workshops. Unique 3D device calibration puts minimum demands on accuracy and perpendicularity of sample set-up. The sample is simply inserted into the device, you select a measurement task and within a few seconds the measurement result with all the required parameters is available. In addition to viewing the measured parameters, it is possible to visualize deviations from the comparison with the ideal shape in the CAD model. By tracking graphical output with set boundaries of identical products, work with the device will be greatly accelerated when checking a larger number of samples.

The measured data is archived for further processing or can be sent to the parent database. On request, statistical data processing, its above standard visualization, or other adjustments for specific customer needs can be added.

Parameter Value Unit
Minimum product dimension 5 mm
Maximum product dimension 200 mm
Product temperature 0 to 35 °C
Measuremet accuracy ± 0,04 mm
Measurement velocity < 25 s
Product velocity 5 m·s-1
Accuracy of deviation from ideal position of the product ± 5 °
Measurement method laser triangulation

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