Robotic assembly stations with special tools

Robotic workplaces and assembly lines create specific tasks for which conventional robot grippers are no longer sufficient.

In such cases, we design and commission special mounting grippers and tools. Usually, the tools are complemented by camera systems that increase the productivity of production processes. This creates complex solutions for specific customer conditions.

An example of such a solution is the delivery of a robotic station with special tools for mounting timing discs and crankshaft pins. In addition to high demands on the accuracy of two-piece mounting with a clearance tolerance of 0.01mm, the robot tool must compensate for the inaccuracy of the shaft bearing. Simultaneously, a part of the handling takes place with hot components for the hot pressing operation.

The robotic station incorporates a position with a camera system which controls the orientation of the assembled parts and their correct designation.

The concept of the robotic station is designed so that the operator only inserts the crankshafts and removes the already completed assemblies. This ensures stable production quality while lowering the risk of creating a non-conforming product.

The control system of the station is connected via Ethernet to the parent system database, which ensures that the correct parts are installed at the right time. Part of the solution is data archiving to back up the pre-set processes.

Parameter Value Unit
Assembly accuracy  from ± 0,01 mm
Takt time ~120 s
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C
Voltage 400/230 V
Station dimensions (w×d×h) 4000×4500×2500 mm
Communication interface Ethernet
Parameter Value Unit
The smallest size of the monitored area 10×10 mm
The biggest size of the monitored area 200×200 mm
Camera resolution 1600×1200 px
Scanning velocity < 1 s
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C
Voltage 24 V
Communication interface Ethernet

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